History & Philosophy

Founded in 1990 by Philippe Bernard, an acoustician craftsman passionate about high fidelity music reproduction, the Atelier de Synergie Acoustique (Synergy Acoustics Workshop) claims to have a qualitative and uncompromising approach.

Music, or rather all the musics, and their exact reproduction in space, have always been the focus of the workshop’s researches. Like musical instruments, made of wood and metal, the ASA loudspeakers are made of species of hard and fine woods, for their acoustic, mechanical and visual qualities. ASA loudspeakers are, strictly speaking, « musical instruments ».

The sound reproduction is lively, accurate, undeformed, colourless, distortion-less and compression-less, and truly respects the three-dimensional soundstage grounds.

Because you do not listen to music the same way whether you are alone, with family or with friends, ASA speakers deliver the same dynamics whatever the volume may be.

Thus, the low-volume listening is surprisingly pleasant, without loss of relief nor basses. In a large space, realistic volume listening offers the greatest respect for the music as it was recorded.

Beyond the trends, and never succumbing to the temptation of technological gadget, the ASA acoustic solutions allow to feel the emotions of a concert … at home.