Monitor Pro

ASA Monitor Pro loudspeakers concretize the quintessence of the best electro-acoustic technology in a beautiful cabinetwork.
They are specially equipped with the Jantzen Audio loudspeakers made for ASA Pro.
Their massive wooden structure, realized in traditional assembly with stuck joining of high strength, reminds the best stringed-instrument makers.

The woods are of a high density: Walnut of America or Green Ebony or other according to availability.

Their filtering is realized at the workshop with exceptional components: Jantzen selfs and Mundorf condensors, measured before being stuck and coated.








Technical characteristics:

Paired and symmetric loudspeakers (tweeters to the centre)
2-way bass-reflex tuned
Useful bandwidth: 36Hz – 30 kHz
Efficiency: 89 db / 1m / 1W
Power handling: 130 W
CARDAS connectors admitting banana plugs and spade plug
Impedance: 8 Ohms

Dimensions: height: 370 mm. width: 250 mm. depth: 355 mm.
Unit weight: 13 Kg
Weight of the support foot Solid Wood : 6 kg