Philippe Bernard

As the photo does not indicate it, Philippe Bernard is 10 years old!!! You could find it very normal for the Mozart of monitoring… 10 years: it is at this age that everything has been played out for Philippe Bernard.

 Coming from a music-loving family, the young Philip use to go to concerts with his parents. And that night, in a recital of Bach, it was a revelation! A near spirituality experience: power, dynamics, clarity and spatial sound, what a thrill!

 The path was mapped out: to reproduce the sensory experience at home by squeezing an orchestra into 2 sixty cubic centimetres.

From that moment on, everything has been following up: the first pair of loudspeakers at 18, electronic studies in stride and a distinguished career in the audiophile world with the Talmont Village Hi-Fi show as a starting point in the seventies, and then the creation of several HI-FI systems sales, installation and repair stores.

 He created the Atelier de Synergie Acoustique in 1990, with a clear idea: to develop compact loudspeakers that respect the bass registers response. They are handcrafted in nobles solid wood to enjoy both the neutrality that provides their density and their aesthetic close to musical instruments’.

After more than eighteen months of research and development, the first ASA Monitor prototypes were born. The first series that have been commercialized, available in elm, oak and cherry wood, won a Choc du Monde de la Musique in 1993.

In 1994, Philippe Bernard developed an range entry model, called Monitor Baby, which has become for many years a reference in terms of quality of listening / value for money.
The success of this series enabled him to realize his dream: the development of a much more powerful model based on the Monitor. Thus the Monitor Pro was launched in 1995. With a new pattern matching and dedicated Dynaudio loudspeakers, it has been greeted by a unanimous ovation from the trade press.
A new version of the Monitor Standard in 1999, fitted with SEAS speakers, came after.

In January 2001, the participation of ASA to show The Show exhibition in Las Vegas, together with Kora electronics, marked the beginning of the international development of the brand. When Philippe Bernard came back from Las Vegas, he had one only thing in mind: to complete the formidable rendering Monitor Pro with the first octave … At the bottom of the bass…

It took him three years to find the optimal solution: two active extreme bass sub-woofer boxes, which replace the mounts of the Monitors. Fitted with 26 cm Scan Speak boomers and Athom amplifiers, the solid wood boxes, stiffened and weighted with asphalted interior walls, are awarded as an organ pipe. They go down to 18 Hz.

The combination of these boxes with the Monitors represents the completion of more than fifteen years of research and development.

The result is extraordinary, both technically with a perfect impulse response and for listening. The sound is stable, open, natural, sharp and articulated, and the truth of the tones is simply breathtaking.

Material disappears to give way to emotion