Solid wood Monitor Standard


Standard Monitor is the highest standard of quality of ASA’s general public range. The cases of the solid wood version are made of 32 mm Amarante or Ovangkol or green Ebony, and so is their base. A satin varnish provides this beautiful finish.

The Monitor Standard loudspeakers are made in Norway by  SEAS for ASA.

At all stages of their manufacturing, filters are measured prior to coating and then cladded into the wooden cabinets to ensure similar performance to every pair.

They are currently available in Amarante and may be made upon order in green Ebony or Ovangkol, depending on availability of wood species.







Technical characteristics:

Paired and symmetric loudspeakers (tweeters to the centre)
2-way bass-reflex tuned

Useful bandwidth: 35 Hz – 30 kHz
Efficiency: 89 db / 1m / 1W
Power handling: 120 W
Golden connectors admitting banana plugs and HD cables up to 6 mm.
Impedance: 8 Ohms

Dimensions: height: 370 mm / width: 250 mm / depth: 355 mm
Unit weight: 13 kg
Maximized mount weight: 10 kg