The manufacture

Countless hours of listening and laboratory measurements were necessary to the development of each ASA Monitor model.

The wooden cabinets are made of solid Amarante and Green Ebony wood, or can be lacquered on request, as well as their support, for the Standard Monitor models.

All models are equipped with specific loudspeakers which are specially made for ASA by SEAS, Scan Speak and Jantzen Audio.

The pattern matching of these superb loudspeakers has been very carefully carried out: the filters are manufactured pairwise and benefit from components of the highest quality.

They are measured, and then cladded, before being pasted into the wooden cabinets.

The loudspeakers and the air vent are grouped on the front side, and thorough tuning of bass reflex and internal volume provides an impulse response and a perfect setting phase: see curves test benches.

The anti-resonant wooden cabinet and the optimization of absorbent materials remove any resonance effect. Their architecture eliminates the side effects and provides an ideal space reproduction of the treble mediums.

 The study of active extreme bass sub-woofer boxes requested ingenuity in order to get them tuned and make them improve Standard and Pro Monitors, while maintaining a simplified implementation, making all ASA systems upgradable. Each box has an effective 120 W amplifier, with a 20-50 Hz bandwidth.